Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Timeless is the word often used to describe Justin Smith's music. He just released a new album called 'The Songsmith". At 35-years-old, he's calling it his retirement album.

"I've always liked music that is timeless. You can listen to a song and it has emotions and feeling to it," said Smith.

He released 2 videos for songs "You Must Love Me" and "A Long Time Ago."

Smith said "You Must Love Me" is a very special song and he wrote it in just a few minutes before a show.

"I had just had my first kid at the time and my wife was pregnant with my second, so it kind of hit me at that moment. I was away from them doing something that I've always done, but it was pulling me away from them. So I wrote that song around that scenario." said Smith.

He said "A Long Time Ago" is a love song.

"The Songsmith" is Smith's eighth album. He just celebrated his 35th birthday and said he is retiring as an artist.

"There's a lot that comes with being an artist. There's a lot of pressures involved in it. You've got shows, with shows come practice, crazy hours and you got to record. So I'm going to focus more on my songwriting career and family plays a big part in this" said Smith.

You can get your copy of Justin Smith's new album "The Songsmith" on iTunes and other places you can download music.