Lee's Review: "All the Money in the World"
Author: Lee O. Smith, Movie Reviewer
Published: 10:31 AM EST December 29, 2017
Updated: 10:31 AM EST December 29, 2017

(WLTX) - What could be more thrilling than a true story about a ransom? It could only be more exciting if the wealthy individual refused to pay! But it's not like this old man doesn't love his grandson, he does. Just not as much as his money.

If J. Paul Getty had a tarnished reputation before, Ridley Scott and Christopher Plummer have smeared it forever with "All the Money in the World." No one can become the richest man on the planet by being generous with their funds (at least not in the movies).

That's not to say that the billionaire does nothing for his heir. He hires his own personal assassin to bring him home. And, for all we know, this may be a better move. It's certainly more frugal!

Most are probably too young to remember these events. Anyone who does may get caught up in the accuracy depicted in the film. But, for the unacquainted, I highly recommend this experience.

There's a strange irony in that Christopher Plummer comes across more evil than the kidnappers - but that's also what he's being applauded for. Not to be overlooked, Michelle Williams puts in a very earnest performance as well.

I've always been partial to true crime. So, naturally, the Leemoji is smiling on this one...even if the ending felt a little open-ended.

Either way, it won't cost you nearly as much as the title may suggest. So I suggest you go out and see "All the Money in the World!"