Lee's Review: "Blade Runner 2049"
Author: WLTX Staff
Published: 9:10 AM EDT October 6, 2017

(WLTX) - It's been 35 years since we were first introduced to Blade Runner, Rick Deckard, a man who hunted down replicants for the LAPD. Replicants were futuristic, robotic life forms who nearly passed as human. Ironically, Deckard fell in love with one of these machines and we were left wondering if he was also a manufactured man.

One we're certain is would be Officer K, played by Ryan Gosling. He's a Blade Runner in 2049, who has stumbled upon evidence of one of these artificial life forms actually giving birth. Holy Mother Mary! Is that even possible?!!!

Whatever the case, the world cannot know that these beings are capable of reproduction. So, K is given specific orders to hunt down and kill the miracle child. It shouldn't be a problem...unless feelings get in the way. And how on earth could that happen?

Perhaps there's a need to make up for lost time - but the new "Blade Runner" makes for a long and winding road (163 minutes, in fact). However, the dreary rain of the first film has finally stopped, leaving us with dreary overcast skies in 2049.

Those eager for action, within their sci-fi, will likely shift between frustration and boredom. But, those who enjoy thought-provoking plot lines about what it means to possess a soul, will be completely engrossed.

That criteria is always a winner with the Leemoji. He just hates having to sit there for nearly three hours! And, honestly, it could have been shorter.

Still, I consider it a first-rate sequel that's well worth the wait! So go out, settle in and indulge in "Blade Runner 2049."