Lee's Review: "Coco"
Author: Lee O. Smith, Movie Reviewer
Published: 9:28 AM EST November 24, 2017

(WLTX) - Little Miguel Rivera has music pumping through his blood...which is also the reason his family forbids it. You see, his great-great-grandfather abandoned them all to pursue his passion. And, by his own deduction, Miguel strongly suspects his ancestor to be the famous entertainer, Ernesto de la Cruz.

However, he's not certain of anything. The only way he could find out for sure is to take a walk on "the other side." Impossible, right? Not on Dia de los Muerta!

The Day of the Dead honors the deceased with a shrine of their photos and favorite foods. It is a celebration to help them along on their spiritual journey. And, for Miguel, it's an opportunity to get some overdue answers.

I'm not sure if I found "Coco" to be more entertaining or educational. But, either way, I definitely liked it. I laughed throughout and left with much more cultural awareness of this Mexican holiday.

It may appear a little spooky and bizarre. But, when presented within the context, this is a very family-friendly film. So don't let all those skeletal images deny your kids the fun that "Coco" has to offer.

The Leemoji found it to be muy bien and, naturally, I agree. It's one caliente pelicula you don't want to miss!