Lee's Review: "Molly's Game"
Author: Lee O. Smith, Movie Reviewer
Published: 9:40 AM EST January 5, 2018
Updated: 9:40 AM EST January 5, 2018

(WLTX) - Molly Bloom has lived one crazy life. It began as an Olympic skier and, when that dream came to an abrupt end, she needed a little something to tie her over before starting law school. But her temporary job became much more permanent when she realized just how much money was to be made hosting high stakes poker!

Her regulars included actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, who are both unofficially represented by Michael Cera. It's a case of name-changing for the sake of avoiding lawsuits - which, for a very long time, Miss Bloom very cleverly avoided.

But, eventually, the Feds brought her in. Now, she finds herself playing a high-stakes game of her own with her life and lawyer. Can she find a way to stack the deck in her favor?

"Molly's Game" marks the directing debut of Aaron Sorkin, who also penned the screenplay. His dialogue usually moves a little too fast for the brain to comprehend. But, since every aspect of this film falls under his own orchestration, the ping-pong banter is quite appropriate...especially with his stylish editing choices.

However, the real MVP here is Jessica Chastain in the lead role of Molly. Idris Elba and Kevin Costner also have strong supporting roles - but Chastain clearly carries the movie. She may not win, but she's practically guaranteed an Oscar nomination.

With all the good films out right now, this may be the first one that was better than I'd anticipated. And that makes the Leemoji smile with glee!

You may not appreciate it as much as I did. But, either way, I'd say "Molly's Game" is a safe bet.