Irmo, SC (WLTX) - The Autism Society says one of every 98 babies born in the United States has autism. For a dedicated mom from the Midlands, she feels lucky to be one of those families.

For National Autism Awareness Month, Laura Vazquez wants people to remember that her son Robby Anthony Vazquez by who he is, not the fact that he has autism.

Vazquez adopted three boys when they were just a few months old, two of them have autism. Robby is one the severe spectrum. While he's non-verbal he responds with actions.

The most important thing for Vazquez is how Robby feels, "when we ask him who loves you he'll say my mommy, my mommy. And to me if we could carry a conversation he could tell me about his day but the fact that he knows he's loved to me that's huge" she said.

She says autism hasn't defined Robby, but it has defined them, "when people say you're so nice to have adopted Robby it's completely the opposite, I am blessed to have Robby" she said.