Gaffney, SC (WSPA/CBS) - Shards of glass, burned remains, and tire marks are all that was left after a car caught fire in Gaffney.

Oh and one more thing: perched up on top of this car, a book. But not just any book.

"They found a Bible inside the car," said Gaffney Fire Chief James Caggiano.

A car where nothing else survived, the Lord's word did.

"The outside had some char, but the inside wasn't burned," Caggiano said.

But how?

"It's very common," Caggiano says. "We see it a lot. There's many theories of why that happens and how that happens."

One of those theories includes a little bit of science. The leather that usually binds Bibles sometimes has a chemical that can keep it from burning quickly, and when the pages aren't open, it can save it from the flames.

But others believe a higher power is protecting sacred words.

"It makes you stop and think," Caggiano says. "it gets you in your heart and makes you think about what's going on at the time."