Clemson, SC (WLTX) Researchers at Clemson University working in tandem with Dartmouth College have created jewelry that can monitor your health and showed it off at the USA Science & Engineering Festival.

The team designed and developed "Amulet" an electronic bracelet and software that lets developers create user-friendly mobile health applications that fit into everyday life, or rather that is the idea.

"The advent of mobile health technology brings great opportunity to improve quality of life, individual and public health and reduce health-care costs," said Kelly Caine, who leads human factors development for Amulet and is an assistant professor in the Human-Centered Computing Division at Clemson. "Although mobile health devices and applications are proliferating, many challenges remain to provide the necessary usability, manageability, interoperability, availability, security and privacy."

"Our vision is that computational jewelry, like Amulet, provides the properties essential for successful body-area mobile health networks," said Jacob Sorber , a developer of Amulet and assistant professor in the Computer Science Division at Clemson. "This devices coordinates the activity of the body-area network and provides a discreet means for communicating with their wearer."

'Amulet' tracks the use of medications and can send reminders when it's time for another dose. It will also provide health data to emergency responders if the person wearing the device has a medical emergency.

"Unlike popular fitness trackers, this wristband talks to your other health and fitness devices, so they know it's you using them and gives you a quick and easy way to approve the transfer of health information from one device to another or to your health record at your direction, therefore preserving privacy," Sorber said.