(KPNX) - Nine years ago on a 747-400, Gene and Holly met.

He was a pilot, she a flight attendant.

Wednesday, they got married on the last passenger 747 flight in the U.S., from Atlanta to Marana, Arizona, a final resting place for many planes.

"In a lot of ways we really grew up on the 747, so it's a fitting salute to say goodbye with this milestone," Gene said in a release on Delta's website. "For us, it's really a way of showing that as one life ends, another one begins."

That first flight was carrying U.S. troops to Kuwait, and they met at row 75 of the upper deck, according to Holly.

Gene and Holly share their first kiss as husband and wife aboard the final 747 passenger flight in the U.S. (Photo: Delta)

While their single-parent lives in the travel world kept them frequently flying apart, they found ways to make it bring them together, too.

"Every month Gene and I would look at our schedules and bid on flights together and every once in a while we'd get to fly together," Holly said. "There were times where we wouldn't get on the same rotation and we'd be apart for a month and a half, but for us, it just worked."

According to the release, the pair is planning to live together in Minnesota and continue working for Delta.

"I am very sad to say goodbye to one of the most iconic airplanes that's ever been made, but we're thrilled and proud to have this lifelong memory of getting married on the last passenger 747 flight in the United States," Gene said.