West Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The picture of a dog tied up to a trash bin in West Columbia created an outpouring of emotion in the community.

Since this first became public, two arrest warrants have been filed for the people who police say left the dog, and a woman related to the owner is flying into South Carolina to pick up the dog.

It all started with a woman named Maria and her fiancee, who found Scooter tied up by the Muv Fitness in West Columbia Tuesday. There was a sign by the dog that read, "free pup, name is Scooter-- owner went to jail today."

Maria couldn't leave the pup there, but she also couldn't keep him, so she called her animal-lover cousin Blanca Anahi Cushman.

The Facebook Post

Cushman took to Facebook and posted a photo of Scooter on the Lost and Found Pets of Columbia SC page. Within hour,s the post had over 150 comments and likes. That's how Cushman was able to find Paula Langford with South Eastern Homeless Animals, and Scooter was on his way again.

Langford was told the owner of the dog had been arrested the night before and somehow that's how Scooter ended tied up. She took it upon herself to figure it all out for Scooter before she put him up for adoption.

How Scooter Ended Tied Up By The Trash Bin

We called West Columbia Police Department for information on the dog, and they said Eric Dugwyler, who officers say is the owner, had been arrested for possession of drugs Tuesday afternoon.

Apparently, he had a dog, a backpack and $50 that he didn't want to turn over to police, so he gave the items and the dog to two other people who were with him. "Officers on scene offered to store his property at the police department for safe keeping until he was able to be bonded," a police report said. "Mr. Dugwyler declined officer's offer to hold his property, instead choosing to make arrangements with the subjects to care for his property."

Arrest Warrants For Abandonment of Animals

Wednesday, West Columbia Police issued arrest warrants for Raymond Anthony Laskowski, 38, and Elizabeth Allison Laffere, 22, for abandonment of animals.

Reconnecting Scooter To His Owners

However, there was one final twist to this story.

Late Wednesday night, Langford was able to contact Dugwyler's mom in Longmont ,Colorado. She said the mother wasn't surprised by the arrest, but was surprised to hear the dog was left by the trash bin.'

"That dog meant a lot to Eric," said Langford.

Dugwyler's mother is now looking for a flight to South Carolina to pick up Scooter.