Columbia, SC (WLTX)- After three years of foster care, a Midlands woman was able to finalize an adoption just in time for the holidays.

Melissa Birchmore has been a foster care mom for a couple years now. Back in 2013 little Jeneva came into her life and they immediately fell in love with each other.

"I always wanted to be a mom and I thought one day but due to several issues and things like that, it wasn't going to happen that way" said Birchmore.

Monday, she signed the adoption papers in Sumter accompanied by her sister, friend and other loved ones. "I think this is a fulfillment of a dream" said Birchmore.

On Adoption Day Jeneva wore a ring with an infinity sign wrapped around a topaz colored heart. It was for National Adoption Month and for her granny's birthstone.

"My mother had hoped for this adoption as well, we took care of her but unfortunately mom passed away before she got to see it but we know that granny is with us because we carry her where?" asked Birchmore to Jeneva. "In the heart" she responded.

This weekend the Birchmore's are throwing a special welcome party. We wish them, the very best.