Have you ever thought about starting your own business here in the Midlands?

1 Million Cups is a program that's making this possible. They help educate the community about entrepreneurship. They're a group that's spread across the country, and they just started meeting here in Columbia.

John Wilkinson is one of the organizers, and says they invite different speakers to shed their light on business.

"Our presenters range from tech start-ups to desert restaurants, we really want any kind of new business to give them a forum to tell us about that," said Wilkinson.

King started Sequence Holdings and he drove from Charleston to talk about his love for starting companies.

"I think anywhere is a great foundation to start a business it's all about passion doesn't matter where you are the passion to bring a product service that you want other people to have into the market place it's all about you being able to do that," said King.

Wilkinson says coming together is good way to get people to start talking

"Discussion really becomes one of the most valuable parts of this because we are connecting the different people in this community with ideas and solving problems and really just building that community here", said Wilkinson.

And if your mind tries to wonder off during the discussion, a free cup of coffee will get you back on track

"Building our community one cup at a time. You think of start-ups and entrepreneurs drinking coffee" , said Wilkinson.

Website:1 Million Cups Coulmbia