Wake Forest, NC (WLTX) - A mother is praising a Home Depot employee for making it easier her son's Halloween dress-up

Aimee Mcillroy went to Facebook to talk about the efforts of Valerie Baker, who works at the store located in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Aimee's 7-year-old son, Jackson, is in a wheelchair due to a rare neurological disorder. Each year, gets specially made Halloween costumes that integrate his wheelchair in the design. One year he was a fire truck; another yearhe was a pirate ship.

The family had gone to the Home Depot to pick up some of those supplies to turn him into Chase from the kids' TV show "Paw Patrol."

Baker, who's an assistant manager at the store, helped them find what they were looking for. But when it came time to check out, she paid for nearly $100 bill out of her own pocket.

"She just had this perfect little connection with him and it's so nice as a mother to see someone else fall in love with your kid," Baker told ABC News.

The mom told WLTX that Home Depot is going to bring their kids workshops into the special-needs classrooms in the Wake Forest area. Her son's school will be thee pilot, where they'll have pre-made kids and have a mini-workshop.

The hope is to expand the program.