CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- People are coming together in a big way to support a south Charlotte couple after racist graffiti was spray-painted in their driveway.

Friday a couple who live in the Orchid Hill neighborhood woke up to “Trump! Get out N*****” written on their driveway.

So the neighborhood’s children broke out their boxes of chalk, and covered it with their own messages.

Before long, the entire neighborhood was covered with chalk messages of love and support.

“The idea just started very small with really my kids and me wanting to draw something in our driveway,” said neighbor Jennifer Hall.

And it grew, from south Charlotte to South Carolina.

People all over the Carolinas are drawing their own messages and posting them with the hashtag #SpreadLoveCLT.

“We're here, we're not standing for this, and we've got their back,” Hall said.

CMPD is still investigating the racist graffiti, but have not named any leads in the case.