Rembert, SC (WLTX) - The Annual Black Cowboy Festival is a staple festival in the Midlands but this year's event may have been the last one.

Organizers say the expense are too high for them to go on.

“The African American cowboy was omitted from history. One out of every three cowboys was African American or either of African American descent but the producers,” Founder of the event Mark Myers explained. “They didn't see fit to include the African American cowboy so we decided to do go out on our own.”

Mark Myers and his wife Sandra brought that history to light with their annual Black Cowboy Festival at their farm in Rembert.

“It's coming to an end because of financial reasons. We cannot get the support that we need,” Myers said. “I feel bad.”

Myers said the event that’s been going on for 21 years, brings so many different people together.

The $40,000 they spend in expenses has become too much.

Myers is hoping more people will see the value in preserving the history to honor the legacy of the cowboys who helped build this country.

“You need to know and your children need to know and grandchildren that your ancestors helped build the American West,” the founder said. “They played a valuable part in the building of it and you have Black heroes besides basketball, football.”

To finish out this year's festivities, they will be having a Gospel Service and Brunch tomorrow at morning at 10:30 a.m. at the farm at 4585 Spencer Road in Rembert.

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