Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Most kids have their paintings hung up on the refrigerator, but the items kids are painting for the Palmetto Health Foundation are going up for auction.

Chris Pricenor, the Chair of Festival of Trees event committee with the Palmetto Health Foundation, says the items will sell for a big chunk of change.

"They go anywhere from hundreds of dollars to I think we've had a few over $1000 over the years," Pricenor said.

It's because these small hands on these little artists don't just paint, they've been fighting off illnesses. They're the hands of current and former patients of Palmetto Health Children's Hospital.

"I mean these kids here have been treated for cancer to other chronic illnesses," Pricenor said. "They're each making an item that's going to be auctioned off at festival of trees in November."

Pricenor says the foundation has been hosting this Merry Masterpiece Party for 15 years but never could've guessed his son would be one of the participants.

"When he was born, he was born with a hole in his lung and a hole in his heart so over the years he had to be monitored," Pricenor said.

Parents say the event is a break from thinking about their ailments.

"He just gets to be a kid," said Robyn Adams, whose 11-year-old son Eli has Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.

The hardest choice they'll have to make at the Mad Platter art studio is what color to pick.

"We hope that they have fun and get to enjoy creating these masterpeices and that they just feel like kids, like everybody else that hasn't had to go to children's hospital," Pricenor said.

Pricenor says all of the money received from the children's art will go to the Palmetto Health Children's Hospital.