Murrells Inlet, SC (WLTX) - Two little girls in South Carolina have been reunited with their lost suitcase after the help of a viral push on social media.

Nick Arditi of Murrels Inlet posted on Facebook on Christmas Day that he and his family had found a red suitcase along the Prince Creek Parkway. He said it had fallen off someone's car.

When he looked inside, he found items that clearly belonged to a little girl. Some of the items included clothes that still had the tags on them.

He decided to us the power of social media, hoping that people would share it and help him find the owners. The post got almost 470,000 shares.

On Thursday, his gamble paid off--and it turns out, the person wasn't that far away.

The owners finally saw the post, and called News19. In turn, they got in touch with Arditi. It turns out the family lived in town. It was a police officer's family, and the belongings actually were for both of the daughters.

"Thanks to everyone for sharing this around the world so that we could find the owners," Arditi wrote. "The girls were very grateful to have their items back."