Harpursville, NY (Inside Edition/WLTX) - South Carolina's giraffe mom has finally gotten to meet the real thing!

We told you several weeks ago about Erin Dietrich, the Myrtle Beach woman who became a viral sensation. Dietrich, who was pregnant with her own baby at the time, put on a giraffe mask and streamed on Facebook her sitting and doing exercises in her bedroom, a nod to April's ongoing livestream that recorded every moment of the animal's pregnancy.

Erin said she'd been watching the April the Giraffe stream, and thought it would be funny. Little did she know hundreds of thousands of people would then begin following her journey.

Well Erin had her baby back on March 8, but she had to wait until this past weekend for April to do her thing.

Inside Edition exclusively got to catch up with her as she traveled to New York to meet the April. Erin even put on her mask, and went snout to snout with April. Erin also brought along her child.

"We're buddies, we're companions," Erin told Inside Edition. "She just doesn't know it."

The two also have this in common: both had little boys. Erin's child is named Porter, but April's calf still doesn't have a name. There's actually been an online petition to have April's handler's name that baby Porter as well.