GREENSBORO, N.C. -- You never saw his face, but you saw his jeans!

Remember Jimmie Cox? He's the Texas utility worker who went viral after a photo surfaced of him completely submerged in water trying to plug a 1-inch pipe that had burst. The homeowner affected by the leaking pipe took the photo then took on a whole new life after she posted it.

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Wrangler, of course, noticed he was wearing a pair of their jeans and rewarded him with free jeans. Wrangler is a Greensboro-based company and sponsors 'Jeansboro Day' to city's denim capital history from fading.

So it was only fitting that on 'Jeansboro Day,' Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan presented Cox with a key to the city.

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Wrangler Jeans tweeted about their guest of honor saying, "Jimmie cleans up well! #EverydayHero #Jeansboro."

We wonder if Jimmie ever thought his jeans would bring him to Greensboro one day!