Arvada officer Jeremiah Schoepflin rolled down his car window to cool off, but instead of being hit with a nice breeze, a bird flew in and pegged his head.

He said it definitely woke him up.

The baby robin flew back out of the car and sat in the middle of the road.

Animal management Officer Schoepflin picked up the bird and put it in his backseat with a handkerchief over it.

However, it kept flapping around and eventually made its way to the front and plopped itself on the officer's shoulder.

Officer Schoepflin tried to release it at a park nearby, but the bird came right back.

After several attempts to release the bird, Officer Schoepflin eventually took it to The Bird Walk, a new rehab center for common birds.

It was the only way the baby robin would let the officer go.