The end of the world may be coming as early as this weekend, or maybe in October, according to Christian numerologist David Meade.

Meade has made claims, in YouTube videos and in a book, that the world is going to face a cataclysm and possibly end on Sept. 23 or Oct. 15 or later, relying on Biblical readings and invoking “Planet X,” a supposed hidden planet near to the Earth.

Meade said in an email to the Independent Mail that it would take a book, or a supercomputer, or God, to explain his astronomical cryptography calculations but they build on the eclipse that happened in August along with certain numbers that appear in the Bible.

He cautioned that Sept. 23 is the end of the "Church Age" and is a spiritual sign but that later events in October would escalate with Oct. 21 being "the final date."

"There is no mistaking which nation was targeted by the August 21 eclipse because it only passed over one, the United States," Meade said. "That was last month and since then we have yet to make it through one whole week without a significant life-threatening event." He cited hurricanes, North Korean missile tests and forest fires.