A Cleveland couple's engagement photos are going viral. And some of the pictures may look familiar to you.

Pictures like these have been getting Cassie and Adam thousands of likes on Instagram. And also the cover of Essence Magazine.

"It was totally my finance's idea. I've been asking him for his input but every time he tells me, 'whatever you want babe," said Cassi. "He's got great ideas, that's why I'm marrying him."

Cassie and Adam have always had a classic vibe throughout their relationship and their engagement shoot was nothing shy of chic, and surprisingly it was all the groom's idea.

"This is the one time he was like I think we should pose like the Obamas and take some of their well-known photos and recreate them."

Leaving 7-year photographer Natasha Herbert the big task of capturing the shot and nail it!

"When they called me, all I thought was...this could be big, this could go viral." said Natasha.

And it did... Finding outfits to match those iconic photos was no biggie at all, the challenge came when they needed to find the location.

That's when the couple called up wedding planner Covesa Gragg.

"It was nice to take their vision and then bring it into play, said Covesa. "I had a place in mind: The Cleveland Restoration Society."

A beautiful Cleveland gem that made them feel like they were inside the White House.

"If we could be half of what they are I think we've done a great job we just look up to them" said Adam. "Kids say relationship goals, it's like relationship goals for all of us!"

The wedding is in December of this year and now there's a lot more pressure to execute their wedding photos!