Lake Murray, SC (WLTX) - Drift Jam may look like all fun and games but the event is creating awareness for a worthy cause, Hidden Wounds.

This is the fourth Drift Jam that is labeled as a floating concert. What that means is that the concert is entirely on water, including the stage. The music festival takes place on Lake Murray at the Spence Island.

The organization is geared to helping veterans returning home from war like those that suffer with post traumatic stress disorder.

One person who's been helped by Hidden Wounds is Scott Casimro.

"There's a lot of veterans who have visible wounds like I do but technically they need some help and Hidden Wounds helps those veterans individually get the help that they need," said Casimro.

Co-founder of Hidden Wounds, Steven Diaz, says that in 2012, an average of 22 veterans committed suicide a day. He fears that this number is growing.

"We believe that the number is a lot higher than that and what we want to do is raise awareness and teach the community how to help veterans dealing with that," said Diaz.

One other aspect Hidden Wounds works towards is helping socialize veterans.

"A lot of these guys, they don't leave the house," said Diaz. "So this is an opportunity to come out and give them a mission because that's what they want. They want something to do and this is a perfect opportunity for them to do that."

Over a thousand boats showed up to the event and some of the money from sponsors will be given to Hidden Wounds.