Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Many children across our country and here in the Midlands go to bed or school hungry.

It is an issue that End Child Hunger SC and the Richland County Library are working to address.

They held a screening of the movie "A Place at the Table" to highlight the conversation about how to fight child hunger.

"We really wanted to show this documentary, I think it does a great job of painting the picture of hunger throughout the nation," said Heather McCue, with the Richland County Library.

Heather McCue says the library and the group End Child Hunger SC are working to raise awareness and increase involvement in the fight against child hunger through the documentary.

"In this documentary, it illustrates it really beautifully that they're going to school and they're not ready. When you're hungry, it's hard to think, it's hard to focus and we're asking our teachers to do the impossible," said McCue.

Carrie Draper with the University of South Carolina served on a panel after the movie. She says hunger issues go beyond just getting food on the table but it is a way to start the discussion.

"If people don't have child care for their children they really can't get a job or maintain a job so then they don't have food to feed their children," said Draper.

Duncan McClive attended the screening to see if there is an opportunity for his church, Ashland United Methodist, to make an impact.

"Through our missions committee at church, we like to get involved in the community and just help out in ways that we be see fit," said McClive.

For Richland One Social Worker Charmaine Primus, who also helped with the discussion after the movie, the film is a way to open eyes the things going on in our own communities.

"The movie is really gripping, moving, inspirational. It gives a lot of great information, and I think it really deals with a lot of the myths that we have about hunger in America. A lot of the stuff was very shocking to learn and I hope it inspires people to do more than what they're already doing in their communities," said Primus.

You can view the film at one of these screenings this month:

6:00 pm Tuesday, February 17 at Grace Church

6:00 pm Thursday, February 26 at Edventure Children's Museum