#GoodiesNotGuns Challenges Parents To Give Up Violent Halloween Costumes.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Jordon Gillis and Amanda Hanig call themselves “a normal Chapel Hill family trying to make a difference” with a simple hashtag, #GoodiesNotGuns, and they are started to pick up steam.

The couple began the social media campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, which aims to motivate parents to have their kids dress up in non-violent, weapon-free costumes on Halloween.

“It’s core message is “Let’s dress our kids in non-violent Halloween costumes,” Hanig says. “Even if they wanna be an army man or a police officer, and that’s someone they look up to… Great! That’s awesome! You can be a police officer without a weapon.”

According to the Center for Disease Control in Prevention, the latest statistic for firearm deaths is of 33,594 out of 199,752 injury deaths in 2014.

Gillis says he and his wife were sitting outside enjoying a glass of wine, just a few days after the Las Vegas massacre. They decided this would be their way to do something about it.

“Guns are violent and however you feel about them in terms of your own ownership or whatnot, they have a purpose and we need to recognize that purpose and respect that purpose, and perhaps reevaluate how we promote guns within society,” Hanig explained.

The family has garnered the support of the Brady Campaign and their kids’ own school system, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools.

“We are picking up followers outside of our social network and that’s very encouraging,” Gillis commented.

After Halloween, Gillis and Hanig hope to grow the campaign.

“Beyond Halloween one of our missions is to sort of reevaluate how guns are viewed within society,” Hanig says.

As for their own kids’ costumes this year…

“We’ll have a super fierce Pikachu and a delightful Mermaid,” Hanig said with a smile.