Newberry, SC (WLTX) - What started as a small bike get-together for Fourth of July has now turned into a full blown parade in Newberry.

For 15 years now, every Fourth of July, a Newberry fire truck parks on Harper Street, opens the water hydrant and sprays the kids. But first, it's all set up with a bike parade.

It all started in the front yard of a house, organized by Amy Collins, Carol Foster and Sherry Underwood.

"We had about 30 kids that we were able to sit in front of the fire truck and take their picture and it's grown to all of this" said Collins.

It was just a small idea that included the owners of the house, who said let's just do it here. "Get the kids to decorate their bikes, ride down the street and it's just grown like wildfire" explained Foster.

When the family who owned the house moved out seven years ago, Newberry just couldn't let the tradition die.

"After signing the papers, when they handed us the keys they said, 'oh, by the way, you're responsible for the Fourth of July parade," said Russell Triplett with his wife Ciria Triplett.

They had just moved in to coach the softball and baseball teams at Newberry College.

"We didn't know much about it, didn't know what to expect about it, but it really has become a great experience for our kids" said Triplett.

The Tripletts provide the front lawn, the community provides the snacks, law enforcement provides the security and the fire department puts on the water show.

The kids, they just put on the smiles.

The Mayor said there were about 4,000 people who showed up to the parade this year.