HAMBURG, N.Y. -- We have an update on a young woman from Hamburg who was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. We are happy to say that Alicia Porack is now in complete remission.

Porack was diagnosed with Stage 2A Hodgkin's Lymphoma in April. She finished chemo this month.

"Today, I found out that I am in complete remission which means my last scan came back clean, and I don't have cancer anymore," says Porack.

When we first met Porack in July, she was chronicling her battle with cancer on YouTube. She had just returned from a Kenney Chesney concert in Pittsburgh with her friends where she was called up to the stage and took off her wig for the first time in public. Soon, she won't be wearing her wig anymore at all.

Porack is also paying it forward. She's helping a recent fellow Hamburg High School grad who found her on Instagram and was just diagnosed with the same kind of cancer Porack just beat.

"I went to her first treatment, and I saw her and obviously she was really scared didn't know what to expect and stuff, but I want to be able to carry on that impact on people, or help girls or anyone, who is going to have to struggle with it. So that makes me feel like I got something out of this whole experience," says Porack.

Porack also realized this summer that she needed a career change. She left her job at an accounting firm and decided to pursue nursing. She's now a nurse assistant at a local hospital.

"I'm going to school for nursing now, so I'm really, really excited about it," says Porack.

"Did your diagnosis have a lot to do with that?" asked 2 On Your Side’s Kelly Dudzik.

"It did. It's eye-opening and I'm only 22, and a lot of people say that later on in life, oh I wish I would've went back to school, and I wish I would've done this, and I didn't have to want to be that way," says Porack.

Porack also says she couldn't have stayed so strong over the past six months without her family, especially her mom.

“She's been to every appointment, she's driven me everywhere, she's literally been there through absolutely everything, so she's the one that got to be in the room for the good news," says Porack.

Porack has to go every three months to get scanned and to get blood work done. After a year it will be every six months, and after that once a year to make sure she's healthy. She also says she plans on returning to YouTube to do a reflection video and offer advice to people recently diagnosed with cancer.