CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Snakes are out and about this time of year preparing for winter, but the warm weather around the Carolinas hasn't fooled them and they are on the move.

October is prime time to get outside, but humans aren't the only ones active this time of year. Marvin Bouknight is the Director of Discovery Place Nature and explains that just because days are warmer than normal, it doesn’t mean it’s too warm for the cold-blooded animals.

During the summer, snakes move and feed at night when it’s cool. In the fall and spring, animals are more prone to feed and hunt during the day and evening.

It was that scenario that came together for the worst for 10-year old Summer Boyd, who lives in Raleigh.

“A copperhead caught her off guard playing outside last night. She was pushing her bike up the hill and there was a copperhead — a small one — in the center of the road,” said Warren Boyd.

"She either brushed up against it or stepped on it, and it bit her in the joint where her big toe joins the foot," Boyd explained.

An ambulance took her to Duke Medical for treatment. The family is thankful for the resources once they arrived, including antivenom and lots of fluid with no allergic reaction.

Remember not all snakes are threatening and they are vital to our ecosystem. Plus, they're free pest control!