Tyrone Jones has a fine BBQ Sauce.

It’s sweet, tangy and also claims to ease your pain.

That's the idea, at least.

Tyrone saw how profitable the medicinal marijuana business was doing with edibles and thought, "why not my grandma's Texas recipe barbeque sauce, with some extra sumptin sumptin?"

Tyrone’s BBQ Sauce includes premium filtered marijuana oil.

"It's more of a body relax," Jones said. "I didn't make the sauce to get you totally like out of there, I made the sauce to help with pain and insomnia."

The medicinal marijuana sauce tastes like regular sauce. He also makes a version without the medicinal additive.

Jones' medicated sauce already has a following. Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch, a personal friend of Jones, can only use the non-medicinal because he's still in the NFL. Snoop Dogg, of course, can and does enjoy the fully medicated sauce. The success in this sauce is that the marijuana oil has little to no aftertaste.

“I can't keep up with supply and demand everyone loves it," Jones said. "I get emails from Australia, the UK, Canada. Places where the sauce isn't even there. But they see it and want it."

Each bottle of medicinal barbecue sauce sells for $30 and is available in Oakland, San Jose and two Sacramento stores, River City Phoenix and Hugs.

If everything goes according to plan, Jones' sauce without the added buzz may be coming soon to a major grocery chain near you.