BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Police in Bangor say they've gotten numerous complaints from men who received a friend request on Facebook "from what appears to be a very attractive female," which ends up in blackmail.

And the Bangor Police Department has words for those who fall for it.

Once the individuals are friended, police say, "the new and lovely lady requests that you do things in front of the camera for 'her.'"

The "lovely lady" then sends a message threatening to send between $300 and $600, or the lady turned "scorned vixen" will upload the video to the victim's Facebook friends, "you know, the real ones."

If this happens to you, the Bangor Police Department suggests the following in a Facebook post:
1. Go to the closest mirror.
2. Look at yourself.
3. Give yourself an honest review and realize that there is no reason in the world that an attractive lady from the Philippines wants to be your friend.
4. Return to the computer and delete the friend request.
5. Continue looking at lawnmowers, motorcycles and jacked up trucks that are for sale in your region of the country.
6. Realize that you just saved yourself from showing the world what no one really needs to see, and a whole lot of cash.

This is a scam and you will look stupid being shown around the office doing something that you really cannot take back. Once it is out there, we can do nothing for you.
Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people's things alone, and be kind to one another.
We will be here.
We do not have a repair kit for stupid mistakes.