Columbia, SC (WLTX) - You've often heard of the term 'Southern hospitality,' and most of us living here in South Carolina believe we adhere to that belief of being kind and courteous.

Apparently, except when we're on the road, according to a survey. In fact, we ranked 49th, second to last, ahead of only New York.

A group called "Kars 4 Kids" asked people across the country a series of questions to find , such as "how often to you signal," "would you steal someone's parking spot,": and others.

We got good marks when asked "do you let a car merge in front of you in heavy traffic?" But we didn't do as well when asked "do you respond rudely when being tailgated?"

Among the other findings were that drivers, in general, get more courteous with age, and that men are ruder than women on the road.

To see the full report, go to the Kars 4 Kids website.