The Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles has a new tag that "backs the blue."

“We're glad to see people support us and glad that people are vocal about supporting us,” says Bittick.

Sergeant Lawson Bittick with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office says the idea came out of a recent tragedy in Americus.

“A Sumter County farmer had come up with the idea after two officers were killed in the line of duty. Since then, it's my understanding that a senator from the Sumter County area had supported the bill,” says Bittick.

The registration, manufacturing, and special tag fee totals about $80.

“We appreciate the support of the public, says Bittick. “It's always glad to know that you're liked.”

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office lost a deputy in 2014. Bittick calls it a wound that never heals.

“It's hard to lose a brother or sister, in any case, that has a common belief that you do that wants to support people and help every day,” says Bittick.

However, it's the small things like a flag, a sticker, and more that shows the overall support from the community that eases the everyday battles.

“Our county has always been lucky. We've always had a very supportive community There's a lot of 'Back the Blue' flags that you were talking about, and there's a lot of 'Back the Blue' signs and then hopefully there will be a lot of 'Back the Blue' tags as well.”

Georgia residents can purchase the Back the Badge license plate here.