Freezing weather after weeks of mild weather is a problem for all gardeners, but it's an issue of epic proportions when you have 75 acres of landscaping on display with spring just around the corner.

At the Biltmore Estate, located right outside Asheville, workers have been scrambling to save as many blooms as possible this week. Thousands of visitors are expected starting next week for the Biltmore Blooms festival, and the estate doesn't want them to be disappointed!

This week, gardeners installed 60 portable heaters around the gardens, in hopes that would keep the temperature high enough to save the thousands of blooming tulips, daffodils and more..

They also covered flower beds with huge strips of frost blanket to protect them.

The efforts didn't save all of the blooms. A spokesperson said some of those flowers that were already in full bloom were killed by the frost, but most of those just beginning to bud survived. In about another week, she said, you won't be able to tell they'd lost any of the flowers at all.

Biltmore Blooms runs from March 20 through May 25, 2017, where more than 57,000 tulips in purple, yellow, white and orange will take center stage first, peaking the first week of April, followed by other later blooming buds. Biltmore Estate has a "blooming now" section on their website to let you know what flowers you can expect to see on your visit.

Here's what Biltmore looks like in full spring bloom: