North Charleston, SC (WLTX) - It's been one day since video showing Walter Scott being gunned down by a North Charleston Police officer became public, and while a national controversy swirls around his death, his family is calling for reform.

"This can't take place in America," said Anthony Scott, Walter's brother. "This can't continue to go on in America. It has to stop some place. Let's make changes right now so that no other parents have to go through this, the loss of their son, or children have to go through the loss of his father and brothers have to deal with the loss of their brother."

Scott was killed Saturday morning by 33-year-old Michael Slager, who had pulled over Scott as part of a traffic stop. A cell phone video released of the incident showed Scott running from Slager, and Slager firing several shots into Scott's back.

The video led State Law Enforcement Division agents to file murder charges against Slager, and North Charleston city officials fired Slager.

Anthony Scott says it was tough seeing video of his brother being gunned down in broad daylight . Now he's calling on every law enforcement agency to get body cameras.

"I think that the national government needs to put in place body cams," he says. "I think this needs to this is the last one that needs to happen and I don't care what the cause is for it."

At a news conference Wednesday, North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey said that the city is in the process of getting body cams for every officer, but that it may take a while to get them implemented.

"I think it would be more comfortable for us as citizens and more comfortable for them as officers, because if you're a good officer you don't have nothing to worry about," Anthony Scott said. "It's only those bad officers that have something to worry about. But I think it would bring a little bit more peace within the community.

but its' not just a charleston thing it needs to be a national thing.

Funeral arrangements for scott have been set for this Saturday. We will continue to follow this story on our website.