A home invader with unusual methods is targeting the million-dollar homes of Avalon Place in Houston’s Upper Kirby district.

Harris County Precinct 1 constable deputies say the crimes have occurred in several homes, late at night, when a blond woman with a thin build has been caught by home-surveillance cameras sneaking into houses through doggy doors.

The suspect is not after cash or jewelry.

In one incident, the woman got into the garage of a home and went to the owner’s refrigerator and took a Goode Company pecan pie and a bottle of prosecco wine.

Homeowner Mark Stamey said he and his wife were asleep when their surveillance video caught the woman around 11 p.m. Wednesday.

Stamey said he woke up when the alarm went off but did not see anyone.

He said he is grateful things did not turn out much worse than it could have been.

“Had I thought that somebody was here and I’d had gotten one of the firearms, or something? I ‘mean, if I’d have ended up shooting her? That would’ve been a horrible mess to deal with,” Stamey said. “Obviously over a pie or a bottle of prosecco, that’s certainly not worth that. But at the same time, you hate to be violated.”

The bottle of wine and pecan pie were left behind outdoors, Stamey believes, because the woman took off when the alarm sounded.

Constable deputies say the crimes occurred at homes on the 2300 block of Kingston, the 2100 block of Fairview and the 2300 block of Persa.

They say the suspect took items from the homes, then put them in bizarre places. In one incident, she hit items from a home’s backyard behind a utility pole. In a separate incident, the suspect stacked items from a home on top of an air conditioning unit.