CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Citizens Review Board is taking up the Keith Scott shooting in a hearing Tuesday.

The CRB doesn't have the power to pursue criminal charges, but many consider it a big deal that they are weighing in on the case.

"It has to be progress when we had nothing before, at least we have them hearing this particular case," said Corine Mack, President of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg NAACP.

Mack says she and other activists have pushed for the CRB to review more complaints. Their efforts have resulted in a policy change to the form process.

"The form was so difficult, it's written from the police perspective so as a layperson, as a citizen it is difficult to fill out that form," she explained.

Now citizens looking to make complaints can seek guidance on the form process. Intended to be an independent body, the CRB is comprised of 11 citizens appointed by the mayor, city council and city manager. It has a history of siding with police but in July, the CRB found "substantial evidence of error" in the September shooting of Keith Scott.

The Scott shooting set off a series of sometimes violent protests in the city.

"We"ll finally hear the facts from both sides of the spectrum," said Mack.

Including hearing from Officer Brentley Vinson. Vinson fired the fatal shot that killed Scott. He is expected to speak at the hearing, which will look a lot like a trial.

"I think it is important that we do hear from him," Mack said. "We talk about transparency, but we never heard from this young man," she said.

The District Attorney decided not to pursue charges against Vinson. CMPD's internal affairs also cleared him of any policy violations and he is back on the job.

Last month, CMPD Internal Affairs Major Stella Patterson said, "we stand by our decision and also too, the District Attorney has looked over the case and has reviewed it criminally, and we stand behind it."

If the CRB rules against CMPD for the first time, it could clear the way for the Scott family to file a civil suit against the city of Charlotte.