Columbia, SC (WLTX) - About 40 volunteers spent their Good Friday washing the feet of the homeless.

The organization, Good Food. Good Feet. Good Friday! (GF3), has been doing this for five years and this year they took the pampering to Transitions.

In the Christian faith, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples to symbolize his heart of service to all.

“It gives you a special feeling because this is what happened back in the day, today Jesus died for our sins and also some of the things he endured for us,” Transitions resident Judy Tyner explained. “Back in the day when people had leprosy he wasn't afraid for them to touch him.”

Tyner beamed as she talked about Jesus’ selflessness. A man that loved the sick, poor and the people that no one paid attention to something that Tyner can relate to since she's homeless.

The exact reason why a foot washing by someone she doesn't know means so much.

“It's a good feeling,” Tyner said.

Tyner along with the hundreds of residents at Transitions Homeless Shelter are being shown the same care Jesus had for what the Bible calls “the least of these.”

“Jesus washed the disciples’ feet or Mary Magdalene washed Jesus feet. It ties in perfectly,” Donna Muszynski of GF3 said.

Muszynski started GF3 about five years ago to show love to those in need.

“Certainly it's a day of compassion I mean the foot washing is just a compassionate act,” the leader said. “Many people who have specific needs that make walking for them painful or difficult they're walking away with feet that feel better.”

“Oh it's great, it's the first pedicure I've ever had and I'm enjoying it,” Tyner said.

Enjoying the selfless act on a day Christians say Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice, His life, to help those who couldn't help themselves.

“Strangers washing your feet not afraid to touch you and it's just awesome,” Tyner beamed.

The residents didn't just get a foot washing and pedicure, they also received a new book bag, a raincoat and hygiene products.

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