10 a.m. Update:

The 7-year-old boy is J'Anthony Bell, who lives on Ivory Street, where the shooting happened. According to his parents, he was standing outside his home Sunday evening when he was struck by several stray bullets.

One of the bullets grazed his cheek. He was also struck in the wrist and shoulder. None of the injuries were serious, his parents told WZZM 13.

However, Bell will need to go to a Grand Rapids hospital today for additional treatment.

Bell's family said they are familiar with the other victim. However, they do not know what caused the shooting or how badly the man was hurt.

The family says last night's shooting was preceded by an argument between a number of adults. They believe as many as eight shots were fired. It happened in an area where children are often seen playing, riding bicycles and bouncing basketballs.

They blame "individuals from outside of their neighborhood for the shooting." Adding that people frequently "come to their neighborhood and start problems."

J'Anthony has a message for the shooters. He is asking them, and others who carry guns in his Muskegon Heights neighborhood, to "stop shooting and put the guns away."

Bell may be left with a physical scar from the incident. But, he is lucky to be alive.

Grandmother, Carolyn Benard, is thankful for the quick action of J'Anthony's brother, who pushed him to the ground when the shooting started a short distance away. She believes that may have saved J'Anthony's life.

Police are reviewing surveillance camera video from the housing complex to track down clues and suspects. Muskegon Heights Police Chief Joseph Thomas Jr. says he believes two weapons were fired.

He says, so far, witnesses are being uncooperative.

----- Original Story-----

A 7-year-old child and a man have been taken to a local hospital after a shooting Sunday, July 2.

It happened during the evening hours on Ivory Avenue in the East Park Manor community. That's not far from the corner of Getty Street and Hackley Avenue.

Muskegon Heights Police Chief Joseph Thomas Jr. confirmed information about the shooting with WZZM 13.

Thomas says it started with a verbal confrontation between adults and that a child was involved. He said it was a case of "bad adults" bringing violence upon a child.

We are working to learn more about the people hurt in the shooting and will bring those updates to you as they become available.

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