LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. -- The Lancaster County Sheriff's Department rounded up 70 people on drug and gun charges.

"Our number one focus has always been to work narcotics aggressively, work gangs aggressively and we'll continue to do that as long as I'm sheriff of Lancaster County," declared Sheriff Barry Faile.

Sheriff Faile made good on his promise. His deputies concluded the ten-month long Operation Harvest with a bountiful crop of arrests: 70 individuals are facing 135 charges. Seventy-five of those charges are from drug distribution, while another 20 are for drug trafficking, and he says many are familiar faces to his department.

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"Probably 80-percent are repeat offenders people that we deal with on other occasions," he said.

Deputies confiscated pistols, shotguns and drugs-- and lots of it.

Their suspects are accused of selling all types of drugs, but most arrests were for crack cocaine and pills. The Sheriff says the county has seen an increase in drug arrests in recent years.

"Our population has doubled in the last 10, 12 years, so these are the things you expect as the county continues to grow," Sheriff Faile said.

He says there are about a dozen more arrests to make in this operation, but he says the public's help is crucial in these investigations.

"We want citizens to know if they call and report something, we may not do something that day, but we will start working on it and when the time comes we will make an arrest," he said.