Newberry County, SC (WLTX) - Two males, one white, and one black, are wanted by the Newberry County Police Department for breaking into the Roche Pharmacy in Whitmire late Monday night.

Video surveillance shows the suspects making their way into the store and stealing drugs that were kept in the cabinets near the cash register. Newberry County Police say that the men stole a large quantity of controlled medicines and substances from inside the cabinets.

Todd Johnson, who is the Chief Deputy of the Newberry Sheriff’s Department, says it is important that these drugs are found.

“That’s a large amount of controlled substances to be hitting our streets so we’re really concerned about the impact that would have on our community,” Johnson said.

Roche’s Pharmacy is a family owned business that has been passed down for several generations. Deputy Johnson also spoke very highly of the Roche family.

“They just have hearts of gold and would do anything for anyone, they’re just pillars of our community and it’s just tragic to know that someone would want to do that to them.”

Blake Roche, the store owner's son, stated that he was surprised the robbery took place.

“Oh it was a shock,” Roche said. “They got a good bit of cash and cleared out our inventory. Watching the video, they knew exactly where they were going.”

Roche also says that the store has had 4-5 robberies since it opened about 51 years ago. However, he says that this is the first time the store has been robbed in 25 years. He is hopeful that the store will continue to prosper despite the robbery.

“Get the place in order and keep going” Roche said.

Both Johnson and Roche expressed concern for the community, due in large part to the fact that residents will have a long drive to the next closest pharmacy in the area.

“We’re also concerned for that community that’s the local pharmacy that serves a very rural community, it’s a long way to the next pharmacy” Johnson says.

“You can go to Union or Newberry or Clinton to find a pharmacy in any one of those cities,” Roche says.

Deputy Johnson encourages residents of the Newberry area to give him a call if they notice a large quantity of controlled substances being moved.

“Somebody is going to have a large quantity of controlled substance that they’re going to have to move so if you know of someone moving a large amount of controlled substance just give us a call,” Deputy Johnson says.

If you have any information call: 803-321-2222 or Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.