SALISBURY, N.C. -- An accidental 911 call led police to the arrest of a felon who had drugs and a weapon.

When a 911 dispatcher answered a call from a cell phone, they quickly realized the call had been a mistake but overheard a conversation about illegal narcotics and continued listening.

The location of the caller was revealed and police were dispatched. They arrived at the residence and followed the vehicle to a gas station. When police approached the vehicle, April M. Greer, backed up and drive out of the parking lot.

Police followed and pulled Greer over. Greer and 31-year-old Randall L. Hager were both in the car and the police officer explained why he had stopped them.

When they exited the vehicle, Hager admitted to having syringes in his pocket.

Police found multiple pills, drug paraphernalia on Hager. When police began searching they car they found a handgun which prompted Hager to run.

Hager was caught and taken into custody a short distance into the woods.

It was then discovered that Hager was a convicted felon and had numerous warrants for his arrest. He was transported to Iredell County Detention Center and received a $63,000 bond.

He also had a cell phone with a recent call to emergency services.

Greer was not found with any illegal items and was released.

The incident is still under investigation.