A 14-year-old student pointed an unloaded gun at two students at a Midlands school Wednesday, according to an incident report.

Deputies say the incident happened after lunch Wednesday at St. Matthews K-8 School. A teacher told the school resource officer (SRO) she believed a student had a gun with him, deputies say.

The student was pulled out of class and asked if he was carrying a gun, the report says. After denying he had a gun, the student emptied out his book bag willingly, according to the report. However, officers say when the SRO began to search the student.

After finding an automatic pistol in the student's back pocket, deputies say the student fled. The student was caught on Bibleway Drive and returned to the school, according to the incident report. The student then was arrested and placed with the S.C. Department of Juvenile Justice, according to the Calhoun County sheriff Thomas Summers.

A statement from two students says the student pointed the gun at them in the restroom, according to the incident report.

The school district released the following statement:

"Yesterday afternoon the school’s administrative team, supported by district level administration and the school’s resources officer, questioned several students after it was reported that a gun was on campus. After a thorough search, a hand gun was located on a student’s person. The unloaded gun was confiscated by law enforcement. Law enforcement took over the investigation and arrested the student. The student will be recommended for expulsion."