Winnsboro, SC (WLTX) - Barry Gilbert said he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the mistake left by the man who police say broke into his work shed this past Saturday.

"It made me smile," Gilbert said. "I walked in and could see it face up just sitting right here laying face up on the floor."

Police say it was the I.D. of Curtis Chambers and if that wasn't enough, Gilbert showed investigators surveillance video that he said shows Chambers leaving the residence.

"I was like we've got him now," Gilbert said.

Winnsboro Police Chief John Seibles said the information was enough for them to arrest Chambers and solve several other break-ins and burglaries.

"We are very grateful to Barry for him having the set up that he had and also for the individual who went in for leaving his I.D.," Seibles said.

"Most of them have been breaking into cars. A lot of breaking into cars," said Gilbert. “Just right here in my old Chevelle (he) just demolished the dash trying to get the radio out of it. No telling how much that is going to cost to get fixed."

Gilbert was able to recover hundreds of dollars worth of other items that were stolen including speakers, tripod and LCD monitor.

"Hopefully this guy's reign has come to an end," Gilbert said.

Chambers is currently being held at the Fairfield County jail.