Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Maria Garcia was 30-years-old when deputies say she was murdered by her boyfriend on October 6 at the North Gate Mobile Home Park in Richland County.

The suspect, Daniel Antonio Argueta Chirino, still hasn't been found since then, but officer's are hoping the public can help.

Garcia's body was found a week later after her death when a friend reported her missing. We're protecting the identity of Garcia's friend because she's afraid Chirino might retaliate against her for speaking up.

Jane, which is what we'll call her, says Garcia was a hard worker who provided for her children in El Salvador. She says Garcia use to work at a laundromat and while her colleagues noticed she hadn't been coming to work, no one said anything.

During an interview in Spanish, she told News19 that a lot of times Latinos are afraid to report crimes to police because of their legal status or language barriers . However, when it's about domestic violence, she says people should speak up because you don't want to be the one to find your friend was murdered.

Deputy Raul Ortiz has a great relationship with the Latino community, and says the Richland County Sheriff's Department has Spanish-speaking deputies in all levels ready to help.

"If you know someone that is missing, report it immediately. There is no grace period it doesn't have to be a family member, anyone could report anyone missing" said Ortiz.

If you have any information about Chirino's whereabouts, please call 1-888-CRIME-SC.

Una mujer Latina murió en las manos de su novio, el Diputado Raúl Ortiz tiene este mensaje para la comunidad que habla español: