A Virginia woman claims a D.C. cab driver raped and kidnapped her this past weekend.

Yared Mekonnen, 24, is now facing second-degree sexual abuse and kidnapping charges. He’s being held without bond and is due back in court Thursday morning.

D.C. police say this happened at around 3:15 a.m. last Sunday, May 28th. The victim stated she was out drinking with her boyfriend on U St. NW when the two decided to grab a taxicab or Uber home. Court documents do not explain everything. They don’t say what happened to the boyfriend. What the court documents do say is the victim blacked-out. When she woke, the victim told police the cab driver was on top of her, having sex with her.

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The victim "became hysterical" and started "to push" and "hit him,” according to court records. Then, the victim told police the driver got back behind the wheel and began to drive. He wouldn't let her out, according to the victim.

As the two headed northbound on 16th St. NW, an unnamed man told police he was passing in the opposite direction. The man said he heard the victim screaming through closed windows and saw her waving for help.

Court documents say the man decided to make a u-turn and used his car as a way to force the taxi to stop. He then called police, according to the court documents.

MPD arrested and charged D.C. the taxicab driver, identified as Mekonnen. Officers say he told police a different story: that he picked up the victim on Decatur St. NW and that she wanted to go to Downtown Silver Spring. The suspect also told police the victims started scratching his face.

The suspect, and not the victim, actually lives in Downtown Silver Spring. Detectives made note of this in the court documents.

The cab Mekonnen operated was seized and taken to the Department of Forensic Science as evidence. It was described by police as a red and silver Dodge Grand Caravan.

A spokesperson with the District’s Department of For-Hire Vehicles said the suspect has no prior complaints at work. We’re told a Notice of Immediate Suspension has been filed.

The suspect does not appear have a prior criminal history in D.C. or in his home state of Maryland.