Lexington, County (WLTX) -- A Lexington man has been sentenced to life in prison for killing a two-year-old boy.

Joshua Warren Hopkins, 29, was found guilty of Homicide by Child Abuse and aiding and abetting Homicide by Child Abuse following the death of Tayshun "Tae" Swearington on November 27, 2013.

Hopkins told investigators that he had given the child a bath and then discovered him on the bathroom floor in respiratory distress. He stated that he attempted CPR and put full clothing on the child prior to the arrival of EMS.

An autopsy revealed that Tae had numerous bruises on his 26 pound body, including injuries in various stages of healing. Bruises were documented across his legs, buttocks, hips, and arms. Medical experts determined that Tae was the victim of ongoing, repeated child physical abuse.

Hopkins told investigators that Tae "fell down the stairs" the night before his death. However, medical experts testified during the trial that his injuries could not have been the result of a fall because of the pattern, location, and multitude of injuries.

The child's mother, Sabrina Haynes, was dating Hopkins at the time of the child's death. Hopkins and Haynes resided together in the Springdale area of Lexington County. Sabrina Haynes is also charged with Homicide by Child Abuse and aiding and abetting Homicide by Child Abuse. Her charges are currently pending.