(WLTX) -- A man is behind bars after admitting that he had broken several windows of the South Carolina State House early Sunday morning, according to the Bureau of Protective Services.

Officials from the agency say at around 4:00 a.m., 46-year-old Earnest Thompson was walking down the steps of the building holding a 2x4 piece of wood. They say Thompson walked toward them during a routine patrol yelling loudly. He was commanded to stop and drop the item. Although a taser was presented, it was not deployed as Thompson obeyed order.

Authorities say Thompson told them that he broke the windows of the Eastside of the grounds, which is the entrance to the lieutenant governor's office. He told them that he also damaged windows of vehicles on Main Street.

The incident was also reported to the Columbia Police Department. Thompson is charged with damage to state property and was transported to Alvin S. Glenn. The area is currently secured and repairs will be handled by the Department of Administration. The eastside grounds will be closed off for visitors Sunday.