Norfolk, VA (WVEC) - Several packages were stolen, emptied, then discarded near a dumpster in Norfolk.

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“I just figured it got stolen but I didn’t know of course what happened to it exactly until today,” Tom Robotham said.

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Robotham thought the package his friend sent him was gone for good until he got a phone call this morning.

“A friend of mine said he was walking his dog over by the Mallory and saw a bunch of empty FedEx boxes and one of them had my name on it,” he said.

Robotham rushed over to the dumpster by the Mallory Country Club hoping the iPad that was sent to him was still there.

“I went over there and it was all ripped up-- contents were gone,” he said.

Several FedEx and Amazon boxes were torn up and tossed on the ground--all of them belonging to residents at an apartment complex on Westover Ave.

“We may have had like one package stolen. We were kind of hoping that maybe it was an error with the delivery or something because we didn't really wanna believe that it was stolen. I know there were some signs on the doors recently where people were like, ‘Somebody stole our stuff!’” another resident said.

Neighbors say they're not necessarily mad-- just disappointed.

“I’m not that surprised. Seems like it would be an easy target around Christmas time,” said one resident.

Norfolk police say they do have the report on file and ask that anyone who knows who the package thief might be, to give them a call.

“It’s irritating. It did occur to me I need to be cautious now-- alerting people who might be sending me packages,” Robotham said.