A Sunday evening argument over beer money evolved into two parents being attacked by their son, Bexar County Sheriff's Deputies said.

Dameon Clanton faces charges of injury to the elderly, interfering with an emergency telephone call, resisting arrest and an assualt-family 2nd offense.

The violent incident happened on Aug 7 in the 6000 block of Oldham.

An arrest warrant said the 34-year-old started calling his mother out of her name over money for beer. Deputies said the suspect's father demanded respect.

"I'll whoop your ass old man," Clanton reportedly said.

The arrest document said he shoved his 67-year-old father across the room and dragged the man by his arms into a bed. Investigators had an abrasion on his arm and pain in the wrist.

Clanton's mother told him she was calling 911. Deputies said she sat in a chair near the front entrance of the home. According to investigators, he grabbed his mother by her hands, took the cell phone and stomped on her feet.

Deputies said he finally left the home but not before threatening to beat her if she called the police.

The arrest said he lives with his parents. It also states he has 2009 and 2012 assault-bodily injury convictions in Medina County.