Springdale, SC (WLTX) -- The Springdale Police Department announced the arrest of 15 people during a weekend operation aimed towards stopping illegal activities in the town.

Springdale Police posted on their Facebook page that the 15 people were arrested during a prostitution sting, after officers saw an increase in criminal activities at certain areas in the Town of Springdale.

During the operation, officers arrested several people for prostitution related charges, narcotics related charges, gun charges, and individuals who attempted to purchase prostitution using illegal narcotics. Officers said one of the people arrested had outstanding warrants.

"We do operations like this to accomplish a few goals", said Springdale Police Chief Kevin Cornett. "First, we do this because there are people being forced to participate in prostitution when they truly don't want to. We want to find those people who are being victimized and we want to help them get out of that situation for good. Second, it is obvious through the gun and drug charges that were made this weekend that there are other dangers associated with prostitution. And third, we want people seeking to become involved in criminal activity to think twice when they are looking at Springdale, because you may be making a deal that will land you behind bars."